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1 Custom Clothing
1.1 Do you make custom wedding tuxedoes?

Yes, we love to assist our clients with their Bespoke wedding attire!  Whether for the groom or his whole party, we will take measurements, give advice on the fabric, and discuss the styling options available to him.  We are your custom wedding attire specialists!

1.2 Why should I buy my custom suit, tuxedo, trouser or shirt from Liles Clothing Studio?


Not only will be the fit be perfect, but we will advise you on the right silhouette that flatters your build. Posture, shoulder slope, physique, and personal preferences are all considered in creating the perfect cut for you. Fits can be full or tapered, as you desire, and tailored to enhance your attributes.


The most exciting feature of our custom clothing is the amount of personalization available. Single or double breasted, flap or patch pockets, ticket pockets, buttons and lining, center or side vents; all are things to be considered in creating your custom suit or jacket. Patterned linings are a popular option, as are bright felt under collars. Trousers may be pleated or not, and with or without belt loops or side tabs. The options are limited only by the imagination.



Make your selections from the world's finest mills including Ariston, Dormueill, Holland & Sherry,Loro Piana, Scabal, and Vitale Barberis Canonico. We will consult with you on your needs for pattern, weights and performance, as well as choosing colors both appropriate and fashionable.


Liles Clothing Studio suits and jackets include a full floating canvas construction, hand sewn sleeves and collars, working surgeon cuffs, a choice of solid or patterned linings, and your name embroidered inside. Because we deal directly with our tailoring partners, a Liles Clothing Studio custom suit offers far more value than found in designer lines.


As always, the best part of selecting your custom clothing from Liles Clothing Studio is the combined experience of the staff, the knowledge of tailored clothing professionals, a well-established Raleigh based brick and mortar business that will be here to give you a lifetime of service.

1.3 How should I care for my suits and sportcoats?


(From our partners at Holland & Sherry, Saville Row, London)

  • Pockets, lapels and collars should be brushed frequently to remove dirt.
  • Stains should be blotted immediately and not rubbed.
  • Creased garments recover well in a humid environment. Hang them somewhere damp and warm, such as a bathroom, or vaporize them lightly with water.
  • After use, allow your suit to rest; wearing the same suit for two days in succession can cause damage to the fibres.
  • To help maintain the shape of your suit always hang your jacket on an appropriate hanger that supports the shoulders and always hang your trousers vertically. For complete suit satisfaction follow these basic care instructions to preserve your suit’s longevity.
  • Avoid placing items in your pockets as this will put strain on the seams.
  • Unbutton your suit jacket before you sit down to avoid pulling.
  • Store your suit in a breathable garment bag for protection.
  • Have your suit dry cleaned at least once a season, however excessive dry cleaning can reduce the life of a suit.